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The Company

Tekedo AB supplies consultance services with focus on materials, chemistry and process issues. The areas of work include nuclear and conventional waste management, energy generation and district heating

This is symbolised in the logotype of  Tekedo above by the old signs for earth, air, soil and water which are integrated in the logo, see excerpts A and B  from the notes of  Scheele (apothecary and one of the discoverers of oxygen).

Tekedo AB was started in the year 2001. Most of the work is carried out by Rolf Sj÷blom who is also adjunct professor in waste technology at Luleň University of technology.

Tekedo AB is a stock company (incorporated company) and the shares are owned by Margareta and Rolf Sj÷blom together with their children Fabian Sj÷blom and Mariana Sellberg.

The company is registered in the Sweden with registration number 556611-0630.